Hanami Duffle


Hanami Duffle


The word “Hanami” is the Japanese word for “flower viewing”. It refers to the custom of enjoying the short-lived beauty of flowers. We love the idea that there is such a specific word for admiring the beauty of nature. We feel that ballet is one of life’s finest offerings, and should also be savored in this way. Our Hanami duffle gives you a lot of things to savor! The oversized ruffles mimic flower petals and echo the floral Hanami print lining. External water bottle pocket keeps your hydration where you can easily access it. The front pocket gives you quick access to keys and other small items and the elasticated side pocket is perfect for grab and go items. With a fun heart shaped ID tag, this bag is great for both the studio as well as travel to competitions.

  • Nylon exclusive of trim
  • 14" x 12.5" x 8"